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Why get a Home Energy Assessment?

Thanks to the Mass Save program, homeowners and renters in Massachusetts can take advantage of the huge subsidies that exist to help upgrade their homes to be energy efficient. The assessment is completely zero-cost to you and unlocks program benefits such as 75%+ off recommended insulation improvements and the 0% interest HEAT Loan which can be used for additional upgrades such as replacing your old heating and cooling equipment. There are many reasons to get a home energy assessment, including:

  • Saving money on your energy bills
  • Increase home comfort
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Ensure the health & safety of your home
  • Understanding how your home uses energy

What's included in a Home Energy Assessment?

Every no-cost Home Energy Assessment includes: 1. Instant Savings Measures:

  • Replacement of all eligible lightbulbs with LED bulbs.
  • Installation of water-saving showerheads & faucet aerators.
  • Replacement of older style thermostats with digital programmable thermostats.
  • Up to 2 smart power strips & instructions on how to use them.
2. Safety Checks:
  • Inspection of heating & cooling equipment CO2 levels to ensure they are running safely.
  • Inspection for home hazards that present a roadblock to installing insulation, such as knob & tube wiring, mold and asbestos/vermiculite.
  • Inspection for areas of your home that may be lacking insulation, such as basement, exterior walls, overhangs, attic, knewalls, crawlspaces and garage ceilings. The Home Energy specialist will make recommendations for insulation and/or air sealing measures in your custom home report.
3. Recommendations for Insulation, Air Sealing and Heating and Cooling systems to get your home running efficiently​. 4. Information and paperwork for additional Mass Save program benefits, such as the 0% interest HEAT Loan, appliance rebates, and more!

What is a Virtual Home Energy Assessment?

Due to COVID-19 we are currently offering Virtual Home Energy Assessments as an alternative to our in-person visits. If you choose to have a virtual assessment, you'll still reap all the benefits of an in-person assessment and will be eligible for all the same Mass Save incentives. How it works: A home energy specialist will call you at a chosen date and time. You'll send photos of your home's interior along with the type and number of LED light bulbs needed. With the information gathered over the call, we'll mail you a package of LED light bulbs, smart power strips, water-saving shower heads and more. We'll provide personalized recommendations such as adding insulation or heating system replacement. Before we install any insulation measures, we'll send someone to your home to confirm our findings and perform pre-installation safety checks. All approved insulation and other weatherization services are provided to you with the Mass Save program incentives of 75% + of the total project cost. You are a good candidate for a virtual assessment if:

  • You are able to provide us with 15-20 photos of your home
  • You have a smartphone or other internet-connected device for the virtual meeting and uploading photos
  • You are comfortable installing yourself any instant savings measures such as lightbulbs and
  • You are able to receive and sign forms electronically

What can I expect from my custom home report?

Your custom home report is prepared by the Energy Specialist at the end of your home energy assessment. Each report contains:

  • A list of all instant savings measures installed along with their normal retail price.
  • Predicted energy savings from installing the instant savings measures.
  • A quote for recommended insulation measures with Mass Save incentives applied.
  • Predicted energy savings after installing recommended insulation measures.


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